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The Art and The Science

At Acorn, marketing research is never just facts, patterns, predications or data. It’s a science; a study of not just the marketplace, but of the consumer as a person. It is also an art, in making sense of the data, information and communicating it insightfully for marketing action.

We collaborate with clients on all aspects of the Marketing Life Cycle

Acorn has developed scientific models and programmes to analyse the market in creative, breakthrough ways. We believe that MR solutions must be holistic and help clients look beyond a specific problem so that when findings are applied, the whole brand/product is made stronger and never compromised.

  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Understanding Market Opportunities & Consumers
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Optimising User Experience
  • Developing & Testing Communication
  • Brand Positioning & Monitoring Brand Health

Other Services

Customised Research Tools 
  • Market Construction Study

  • Market Segmentation Study

  • Brand Equity Study

  • Brand and Ad Monitoring

  • Mystery Shopper Survey

  • Product Values Probe

  • Product Acceptance Test

  • Pricing Research

  • Communication Concept Research

  • Conjoint Modelling

  • Mobile & Online surveys

Brand Consultancy
  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Brand Naming

  • Brand Design

  • Brand Activation — internal brand alignment, marketing communications, brand guidelines

Brand Consultancy

Through our associate company, Activiste, we offer brand consultancy services. Activiste is an invaluable extension of our brand research work, where the insights from the research are crafted into an integrated brand strategy and activation programme for clients. To find out more about Activiste, please go to 

Business & Management Consultancy

Through our associate company, ACORN MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (acorn-mc), we offer invaluable upstream business & management consulting and advisory services to C-Suite, Sr. Management, and the Boards to help them with business expansion, competitive performance, profitability, and stronger shareholders returns.

Acorn-mc is experts in helping manage and grow your business through effective & scalable strategies for both the tangibles (Products and Services) and the intangibles aspects (Brand & Intellectual Property). To find out more about Acorn-mc, please go to

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