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Improving Customer Experience

60% - 85% of customers who chose a new vendor indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their former vendor.

What do our customers think of us? Who are our ambassadors and advocates for my brand?

Which service areas do I need to improve on to drive preference and loyalty? Our satisfaction scores are already very high, is there any more room for improvement?



Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction Evaluation (CLoSE™) is a methodology that goes beyond measuring satisfaction to the assessment of loyalty and preference in a competitive context.


It is a holistic approach based on consumer behavior, satisfaction, psychology and loyalty. 


There is a need to measure both satisfaction and loyalty because it is proven that a loyal customer is not necessarily always a

satisfied customer, and a satisfied customer is not always loyal. 


  • Determine the potential for retaining customers and the potential to deepen their relationship with you or widen the relationship (through other product lines you offer) 

  • Prioritize and identify gaps to optimize engagement. 

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