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Optimising User Experience

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. 

"I’d like to get together and walk through the user experience research report. There are a lot of really good insights. Many of the insights are still relevant for our consumers and should inform future site design and optimization decisions. Furthermore, as we launch HK and TW using the platform, there is an opportunity for us to offer an improved experience to consumers in those regions."

He Xin

Director of Business Development Retail, Nike Commercial (China) Co. Ltd

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Acorn conducts userbility testing in the key areas of improving functionalities and product design in the IT sector, driving e-commerce sales, testing social media and learning APPs. Our approach starts by understanding the target segment, their usage behaviour, current experience and reactions to the test product(s). The objective is to evaluate pain points so that we can identify opportunities to improve the user experience. 

At the product level, we look at understanding likes/dislikes and preferences of product features through in-depth consumer feedback. Through conjoint testing, we can compare and contrast specific features/ benefits. This enables us to identify unique value propositions compared with similar products in related categories. 


  • Troubleshoot earlier and facilitate easier product maintenance through identifying opportunities for product change prioritization.

  • Identify specific design and products elements to best execute the desired feature.

  • Streamline and smoothen path to purchase processes and overall user experience.

  • Ascertain potential to stretch to different platforms to substitute or complement existing channels.

  • Improve acquisition, conversion rates and deepening of customer relationship.

  • Identify  best practices of category usage experience.

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