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Developing &

Testing Communication

Is my ad going to cut through? How can I get qualitative feedback with quantifiable numbers to determine the areas I need to dial-up in my communication so that I can optimise ROI?



AURA™ is a development tool for advertising & communication pre-test and post-launch validation. We evaluate all aspects of Brand Communication - websites, TVCs, packaging, POS displays and shelf-facing to help clients create effective ads that build successful brands.


  • Measure multiple dimensions affecting processing of advertising by the audience.

  • Evaluates whether the advertising will enhance brand feeling.

  • Identify elements in the ad that drive attention and perceptions.

  • Incorporates the latest eye-tracking technology to visualise engagement & emotional response. 

  • Gives objective measurement of autonomous eye fixations, free from the distortions caused by conscious rationalization - superior to asking people to recall what they saw.

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