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Product &

Service Innovation

80% see innovations as important in an organisation but 77% felt hindered by the company's risk adverse culture and only 10% find their organization's marketing is innovative

We are competing in a very saturated and mature category.

How do we find new propositions to rejuvenate our brand and ensure  the buy-in of all stakeholders? 


Forward Positioning Research (FPR™) 

FPR provides strategic breakthroughs for brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. FPR™ searches beyond conventional views and stagnant categories to surface fresh viewpoints about how brands can serve unmet needs through qualitative sifting of ideas followed by quantitative pinpointing of values.

The FPR™ has been used successfully over the past 25 years across many product and service categories in more than 25 countries in

Asia, Australia, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe and the Americas.



  • Separate popular values owned by big brands to trend-busting ideas that newer and smaller brands can own.

  • Identify new grounds for big brands to maintain leadership.

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