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Smaller Is Better

It is observed that Taiwanese love to bottoms up. However, a standard 500cc beer glass is just too much to bottoms up.


Hence drinkers end up sipping their beer and as time wears on, beer gets warm making it taste less ‘fresh’, and the slower it takes to finish the beer. 

However, a much smaller 143cc glass which is slightly more than a mouthful makes it ‘just right’ to bottoms up. This is followed immediately by an easy top up.  You don’t realise how it all adds up as you easily down each glass. 

Since a standard large bottle of beer is 600cc, this translates to about 4 small glasses. The average interlude in between conversation is 5-10 minutes.


Hence 2 drinkers would have consumed 1 large bottle in 10 minutes. Depending on how well the 2 drinkers can hold their alcohol, they can consume 6 large bottles of beer within 1 hour. Now that's a lot of beer! 

Hence using a smaller glass in this case makes it go faster and helps increase consumption.

"I really liked the research work you commissioned Acorn.  You might consider sending that study out to the visitors so that they can get background understanding on the markets before arriving.  That was a really comprehensive review.  Probably one of the best I have seen for introducing people to new markets."


Regional General Manager, eBay Classifieds

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