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Segmentation For The Asian Market

Our client who is one of the largest players in the Wine & Spirits category wanted to expand their business in Asia. In order to develop their marketing initiatives, they needed to have a deeper understanding of Asian consumers in terms of:

1. The different types of alcohol consumers across the Asian markets.

2. Behavior and attitudes towards drinking Wine and Spirits of each segment.

3. How to position different brands to the different types of consumers? 

Acorn’s hybrid segmentation model was used to understand the different segments by need states, demographics, psychographics, category and brand usage. Unlike a traditional consumer segmentation approach, our model is adapted for the Asian landscape and is able to drill down into each segment’s different needs for different types of wine and spirits factoring different drinking occasions and motivations. 

Based on the findings, our client was able to tailor a communication strategy specific to the segments for Asia. Findings from the study also helped them position their portfolio purposefully. Acorn subsequently rolled out the model to 11 other Asian markets. 

"I am happy with your achievement and attest to the quality of work you have helped us so far. The compliment does not just come from me but also from my global colleagues in Denmark and UK. The quality of your colleagues' work made it easy for us to appreciate."

Steven Han

Manager, Global Insights, Lego

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