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Optimising Cut-Through

With 100+ cable channels and 50+ digital channel offerings, building brand awareness and consideration in Taiwan’s cluttered media scene is no easy task.


This is especially the case in the banking sector, where over 30 banks compete for share of voice. Equipped with fewer branches and ATMs than its local competitors, our client, an international bank, has to navigate this challenging and hyper-competitive landscape.

Acorn's MarkovTM Brand Tracking helps our client design and fine-tune their communications strategy. We not only monitor market KPIs and assess campaign performance, we also evaluate key competitors' campaigns and ads. Approximately 20 ads are tracked at any point in time, one of the largest number of ads to be monitored in brand tracking in Asia. The result is extensive learnings from tracking ad performance and how it impacts customers' desirability for the brand and potential market share (a unique indicator of MarkovTM). 

Learnings include insights on which mnemonic device and executional detail yields better performance, eg. effect between having female vs. male characters within the ad; the impact of ad layout to optimise cut-through. This has provided input to our client in planning their media mix strategy through evaluating each media/channel effectiveness. This for example has led to the recent decision to switch from an all-digital focus back to a mixed media strategy since it was found that digital had limited impact, hence getting the media mix right and maximising advertising ROI.

"It's definitely a 'WOW' to us regarding the quality of your debrief and the responsiveness to our comments, thank you very much indeed!"

Daniel Wu

Consumer Research Manager, Vivo

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