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Innovating What's Best For Baby

Mothers in Indonesia usually start feeding food other than breast milk to their children once they turn 6 months. There are a lot of options available like biscuits or instant porridge, but these manufactured products contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


Hence some mothers prefer to cook the food themselves. However mothers are finding it increasingly difficult with their busy schedules to cook porridge.

We recently observed that entrepreneurs have tapped into this opportunity and there are now hawkers/ food stalls selling food specially made for babies. The porridge is prepared fresh every day and is a much healthier option as it contains natural ingredients and is more affordable than the store-bought instant porridge. These sellers also sell steamed rice, soup, jelly and pudding for babies. The stalls are very colourful and carry a certificate from BPOM or a Halal logo, so that mothers are assured of product quality. 

This trend has really picked up in the past 6 months and some of these food stalls have started offering franchises. The challenge for our international client has been to review their current strategy and product offering to ensure they keep up with the competition. 

"You did a terrific job - all of my colleagues were very impressed both with the insights from the research and your personal presentation. The presentation very much helped us secure the countries' buy-in and move forward with our plans. We will be in touch about extending the research to further countries."

Roger Steel

President, New Markets and Business Development Sun Life Financial Asia

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