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Kenji Ijima

Kenji has deep, intuitive insights for cross-cultural differences among Japanese and non-Japanese consumers. This has enabled him to give  culturally sensitive analyses which help clients do cross border projects with greater confidence and satisfaction. He started his research consulting career at Intage Japan, where he specialized in global outbound projects for 3 years. His experience is broad based and the projects he works on cover automobiles, cosmetics, tourism, FMCG and home electrical appliances.

He also worked at J.D. Power Asia Pacific for 2 years where he sharpened his knowledge of customer satisfaction surveys and brand consulting with the automotive team. With his hands on approach and international experience, he went on to develop strong research teams at online research agencies and other research consultancies.

Marketing research is definitely his vocation and passion but martial arts and kickboxing are his favourite past-time. He is fighting fit and energetic because when vacationing over the last 8 years he had been kicking away at Muay Thai gyms in Thailand to chill and recharge.

Kenji has a bachelor degree in Sociology from Hosei University, Japan, specializing in cross-cultural communication. He also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Tourism from the University of New South Wales. 

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