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Dolly Lorkitiyakul 

I started my career as a market researcher, and like many young recruits, we were soul searching, trying to find our own identity.  Often, one would wonder if another job, company or career would be a better fit.  As for me, it has now been 20 years with ACORN.  I have always had a strong passion for market research. I enjoy handling both qualitative and quantitative studies and have the privilege in serving many local and international clients across many industries.  

Good market research to me is not just about the data, but more about going beyond, and trying to find that puzzle that helps bringing the brand forward.   Even after my 20+ year of experience, I still find that Market Research is evolving and advancing all the time.  Thanks to my long-term relationships & new clienteles and the working team, they constantly rejuvenate me with new ideas, learning and drive.

My inspiration and enthusiasm come from the little things around me every day, like being the consumer myself and not just the marketer; my family and friends, my clients, and more importantly the ACORN team.  I have found my identity, and that's an Acorn Marketing Researcher.

Dolly lorkitiyakul acorn country manager
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