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Identifying Breakthrough Ideas

Our client, a leading bank in the UK, wanted to plan a strategic agenda for their retail banking business. Their strategy was intended to bring the bank to the next decade. The key challenge was to determine where they were now and where they wanted to be. 

Acorn’s Forward Positioning ResearchTM  (FPRTM) was used to identify breakthroughs in 3 key areas: Strategy, Tactics and Actions.  

Strategically, we need to identify a distinct positioning for the bank that would differentiate it against the competition. We found that ‘Flexible and always takes your personal circumstances into account” and “Offers innovative solutions to make banking simple” were exciting qualities and could be the lead differentiators for the bank.


Next, breakthrough features and services were identified to drive the user experience.  This included introducing saving products that were just above the rate at which retail prices were increasing. This was to protect the value of consumer savings from shrinking due to increasing cost of living. An alert to customers when there was an opportunity to earn more would also help customers earn best returns. 

Finally, an implementation plan was drawn up with the C-suite to launch the features/ services at the right time and within the budget allocated. 

"Thanks to all the team there. Indeed a massive accomplishment to complete this kind of project in such a short time frame. I honestly don’t think any other agency can pull this off to this level of quality. I am sure there will be follow up work to this as we begin to further understand the chosen segments and test propositions and communications with them."

David Brown

Head, Research & Client Insights SCB Brand & Marketing

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